In Loving Memory of Maddie

In Loving Memory of Maddie

10/06/10 – 1/12/16



On January 12, 2016 while Maddie was out walking, she got away from her leash and started running. Maddie has always had a fear of men and was always scared of everything. After many hours of searching for her, including help from the police, family, and friends we were not able to find her.

After I decided to call Animal Control, I was given a detailed description and photos of a female that matched her description, we realized that our sweet Maddie was struck and killed by a vehicle on Harrodsburg Road. I know that in this situation it is easy to blame our self, but we have to tell our self that accidents happen and God is the only one that truly knows when we all live and die. I believe that if Maddie was looking down on us, she would want us to know that she lived a good life and to move on.

Below will be a few words from the people who loved her most. There will also be some pictures in remembrance of Maddie. She was greatly loved and will be missed by many.


From Jay


I would publicly like to apologize to three of my closest friend. I deeply sorry for the loss of your moms and dads dog Maddie. If you can find a way. I should’ve not taking Maddie back out. But she didn’t P and I was consent. And I know that you all will never ever let me forget this. Please let me know what my punishment is From your mom and dad.and as you all as will. Has everyone can see.maddie was a sweet loving dog. Rip my best friend


From Kalin



Thank you jay for ur sweet kind words, this was a freak accident. This was not way your fault or anyone! She had a great life! That’s how Maddie would want from all of us to remember her by but not blaming us or anyone in this matter!.


From Bonnie


This was a freak accident. Nobody hates you. It was not your fault in any way. Nobody is to blame. She had a wonderful and loving life the whole time she was in the family. Maddie would not want any of us to stay sad about it, she would want us to move on and always remember her with love and happiness.


From Me (Vladimir Stafford)


Maddie was one the most sweetest dogs that I have had the pleasure of being with. At first she was scared of me but after awhile me and her were best of friends. You will be missed and loved by me and many others who loved her. We will learn from this freak accident knowing that we never know what is going in a dogs mind.


More Pictures:




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