ImbaHost is Absolutely Exceptional


I wanted to quickly write a review for a wonderful hosting company that deserves to be recognized, ImbaHost. I have been hosted by ImbaHost for a VPS server since November 2015, and in the time that I have been with them, they have been absolutely exceptional. Prior to joining ImbaHost, I was trying to find a place in Dallas, TX. I asked Marcus, a friend of mine, who I also used for hosting services, to recommend someone to me.

He recommended that I try Imbahost, as the owner is super nice, and has SSD storage. Before I talked to Marcus, I tried to find other VPS providers, but they were always missing a feature that I needed, and I could never find a reliable hosting provider at the price that I wanted. Yes, I know there are a few other VPS providers that are less expensive, but they sounded too good to be true, and I would be risking the service value of my company.

One of the best qualities that I love about ImbaHost is that their technical support is true hearted. When I first started to use them, I had a major issue where I was running out of disk space, and needed to upgrade my container as soon as I could. But because I was using a “Kernel-Based Virtual Machine” container, upgrading the disk was very difficult, to the point where it corrupted the container and I had to move all of my data over to a new VPS Server. Most providers would not create another container, help me to transfer all of my data to the new container, and spend half of the night making sure that everything configured correctly, without charging me an arm and a leg. In fact ImbaHost charged me zero dollars and cents to help me to do exactly that, where they could have charged me a few hundred dollars for the extra managed support.

I now have a wonderful VPS that has the disk space that I need, and because they did such a great job, I am paying a little extra for their recurring managed support.

Also, during these past months, I have ordered a few other unmanaged servers from them and they have still helped me configure settings, which has really helped me out, even though they are not obligated to do so.

I felt compelled to write this review because I am so happy with them. If you want reliability, with great customer service that truly cares about you, and that makes you feel like they are a part of your team, try out ImbaHost.