characters with disabilities



Even though I know this is from a movie, it could actually happen to you. Would you think any less of him if he was in a wheelchair? Why do you think that people who are not actors or actresses are any less? If you don’t think that regular people in wheelchairs are less, then why do you treat people in wheelchairs with such disdain when you have to wait a few seconds for them to get across the street or around you, or when it takes them a little longer to open a door that is too heavy for them to open?

I know that there are many people that treat disabled people really great, but this is aimed at those that give disabled people a look that says that all disabled people should just give up. Disabled people have a lot to give and are not useless. Give them a chance. Help them out with doors that are heavy, or when they need to cross the street and nobody will stop. You may be surprised if you feel a little bit better for GIVING to someone else.