God is in charge. Not Man

Hello friends and family and anyone who has been following me on this recent hospital stay. I first want to thank everyone for there prayers and support during this matter, especially the nurses, doctors, and UK Hospital. ‘You Guys are Awesome!’ For the ones who have no idea what I am talking about, I will… Continue reading God is in charge. Not Man

Life Vlog 01 – I Got Baptised

Like I promised. I have finally uploaded my baptism. Sorry it took so long. I hope everyone enjoys it. I uploaded it to my YouTube Channel. Just click the link and watch. Thanks again for everyone who made this possible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6ZQVGUjVi0

SUSE. Yes Please.

So here is another suse music video. I have no idea why i love this so much. This makes me wanting to load a distro of open suse.  

Save Net Neutrality

Click Here To Send The Letter What is net neutrality? Net neutrality is the principle that Internet providers like Comcast & Verizon should not control what we see and do online. In 2015, startups, Internet freedom groups, and 3.7 million commenters won strong net neutrality rules from the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC). The rules… Continue reading Save Net Neutrality

IT Love Songs

From the creators of Just another day in IT. Here comes another funny video

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Cant stop dancing with Wheelchairs

This is just an amazing video of ladies in wheelchairs dancing there hearts out. I love seeing people in wheelchairs like my self showing everyone that we can do anything that we set our minds too.   [the_ad id="341"]

I Got LED Lights they Came With A Wheelchair

I am proud announce my new wheelchair. Unfortunately I was not able to get the lime green. I was thinking maybe to call it the USS night Phoenix what do you guys think? If you have a good name for a black wheelchair post it below. Hops you enjoy the video.   http://twitter.com/vladstafford https://plus.google.com/+VladimirStafford/ http://facebook.com/vladstafford/… Continue reading I Got LED Lights they Came With A Wheelchair